Laura Collignon and Nigel Poole QC publish an article on the calculation of future loss of earnings in the Journal of Personal Injury Law (issue 1 of 2017). Except in the most serious injury claims, future loss of earnings will usually be the largest head of claim. Laura was junior counsel in the leading case of Billett v MOD [2015] EWCA Civ 773. The court in Billett considered the principles applicable to the calculation of future loss of earnings where the claimant is disabled as a result of the injury sustained in the accident. The article discusses these issues, in particular the definition of disability and the application of the disabled reduction factors in Ogden Tables A to D.




Manus Egan successfully represents Equity in defending a claim for an injunction to enforce a restrictive covenant against a Michael Jackson tribute act.  The case was won by using the equitable defence of laches.







Ben Beaumont secures progress towards the establishment of an arbitration centre on Antigua and Barbuda.

Dr Leslie Thomas QC of Garden Court Chambers and Ben Beaumont met with Attorney General Benjamin of the islands of Antigua and Barbuda on 5th September 2016. The meeting was the result of discussions between the two barristers and Her Excellency the High Commissioner of Antigua and Barbuda.

The attorney general directed that a draft arbitration act modelled on the UNCITRAL model Arbitration law be prepared for the review of the government by the first week of November 2016. The Attorney General also directed that a proposal for the constitution of an international arbitration centre for Antigua and Barbuda be submitted in conjunction with the draft arbitration act.

Dr Thomas and Ben Beaumont confirmed that they were willing and able to carry out these tasks. These proposals, when implemented, will assist the government in the promotion of the islands as a centre for international arbitration surrounded by a strong and able corpus of  experienced professionals and an established infrastructure.