Johan Grefstad

Called:2015 Inner Temple

Specialisms:Crime, Direct Public Access

Johan became a tenant on completion of pupillage at chambers. Prior to coming to the Bar, Johan was employed as a decision writer at the Financial Ombudsman Service for a number of years and later as a regulatory consultant at a financial services consultancy. Johan then practised as a solicitor at a leading criminal defence firm based in the City of London.

Crime and general civil law.


Crown court trials defending alone:


R v B: Possession with intent to supply heroin involving a "cuckooing" arrangement (Inner London - 2018)
R v H: Third-strike domestic burglary (Canterbury - 2018)
R v H: Illegal immigrant accused of obtaining work as a nurse by deception (Snaresbrook - 2018)
R v A: Four-handed GBH (Reading - 2018)

R v T: Possession of several offensive weapons in the boot of a car (Harrow - 2018)
R v F: Attempted knife-point robbery involving injury to the victim (see: (Oxford - 2017)
R v W: s.18 GBH: stab to the face with a screwdriver (Kingston - 2017)
R v R: Possession with intent to supply cocaine at a music festival (Maidstone - 2017)
R v J: Six-handed affray in a curry house (Inner London - 2017)
R  v T: Affray with a knife in a kebab house (Chelmsford - 2017)
R v L: Two-handed actual bodily harm on a taxi driver (Snaresbrook - 2017)
R v R: Aggravated vehicle taking and dangerous driving (Snaresbrook - 2017)
R v R: Possession of a combat knife in a public place (Wood Green - 2017)
R v O: Witness intimidation in a chicken shop (Kingston - 2016)
R v C: Robbery of a set of car keys from an ex-girlfriend (Isleworth - 2016)
R v F: Racially aggravated public order (Basildon - 2016)
R v Z: Dangerous driving case involving a defence application to exclude inadmissible evidence (Harrow - 2016)
R v F: Theft from employer (Harrow - 2016)

R v N: Murder and attempted murder by stabbing (Led by Isabella Forshall QC) (Cambridge - 2018)

R v Ilyas [2018] EWCA Crim 718
R v Crandon [2018 EWCA Crim 1418

R v K: 3-day contested confiscation with a benefit figure of £92m (see:

Johan accepts instructions on a range of civil matters. He has acted in numerous credit hire trials across the county. Johan recently acted for a high street food chain at the employment tribunal defending a claim brought against it by a former director..