Bernard Eaton


Specialisms:Crime, Employment, Public & Human Rights



M.A. (Legal Practice)

LL.B (Hons)

Pupil supervisor

Computer literate





Principally in practice in the Crown Court an Appellate Courts in Criminal matters. Also appears in Judicial Review from Police Disciplinary Tribunal and the Magistrates’ Court.





Highly experienced member of the Bar. Expertise at all practical levels of serious crime whether instructed alone or as leading counsel, including:

Murder; Robbery; Rape; Kidnap; False Imprisonment; Firearms; Other Serious Violent and Sexual Crime; Arson; Theft; Serious Fraud (VAT, Deception, Diversion, DSS); Drugs (high level, supply and importation); Money Laundering; Public Nuisance; and additional experience of the complex overlay that Conspiracy, multi-handed defendant cases and the Human Rights Act 1998 adds to each of the above categories of crime.


Keen on the use of technology in the preparation and presentation of criminal cases. Access to an electronic law library/reports and internet access to law report sites. With respect to VHCC and Serious Fraud, instructions and papers can be served by CD which, together with the use of ‘Data Capture’ (whole scale scanning into serviceable format of major amounts of material), maximises preparation and efficiency. Also accepting service of statements by email, by prior arrangement, in substantial cases.


In addition to the regular diet of admissibility issues that arise during the trial process he also has experience of the pre-trial arena, including Applications to Stay, Quash or Dismiss indictments for Abuse of Process, Breach of Convention Rights or Insufficiency, many of which have involved the evidential ‘Trial-within-a-trial’ process requiring examination of undercover police, covert/intrusive surveillance and expert witnesses.





South Eastern Circuit

The North London, Surrey and South London, Kent Bar Messes

Criminal Bar Association






Likes a challenge – he has recently obtained his M.A (2000), is learning to play the violin