From battle seasoned veterans to enthusiastic juniors, the employment team at Thomas More Chambers is a crucible of talent and expertise.  Whilst our academic credentials are first rate and legal knowledge extensive, we are actually really down to earth.  Robust and forthright, combative and commercial, persuasive and pragmatic, we are all these things but most importantly we are reliable and friendly.  Equally at ease in the boardroom of a corporate employer as we are meeting with a dismissed employee, every client matters to us.


We are accustomed to appearing before Employment and Professional Disciplinary and Regulatory Tribunals through to the Appellate Courts.  We take pride in our clients’ victories and are vigorous in overturning their defeats. 


We cover non-contentious work as well, everything from co-ordinating corporate restructures to advising on settlement agreements, from providing intensive in-house training to presenting informal, friendly seminars.


We take a practical and competitive approach to costs and funding.


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